Grandchamps restaurant

Grandchamps is known for its delicious Haitian cuisine. Its unique flavor is what makes the food so exquisite. I grew up eating Haitian food so its flavorful taste is no surprise. As I was browsing their menu, there were some listed dishes that I haven’t had since the last time I visited Haiti; it brought back so many memories!! My family and I went out for lunch there last Saturday. For appetizer, we had the “Fritai platter” which consisted of Malanga friters, fried pork, fried plaintain& sweet potato fries and pikliz. For the entrée, I had “Griot” aka fried pork which came with a choice of white rice and black bean sauce. Some of the foods that were ordered by others were the  “Griot sandwich” aka fried pork sandwich which came with Haitian sweet plaintain; and “Griot Hash” which came with eggs, roasted and pan fried pork, potatoes, peppers, & onions. 

Everything was delicious and affordable. The drinks like the candy-toned Cola Lacaye and lemonade were among some of the refreshments that were passed around at the table. I had a wonderful time. The ambiance was great. As you dine, you get to listen to Haitian oldies which are the classics. For those who have yet try Haitian cuisine, I highly recommend going to GrandChamps. I am so glad to have discovered this place; it will always be my gem. If you're ever interested in trying out Haitian food in NY or simply something new, be adventurous and try the food at GrandChamps. You’ll be in for a flavory surprise! Grandchamps is located right in Brooklyn.

Price: $$                                                                           197 Patchen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233                                       (718) 484-4880