Juliet M. Jewelry

I’m always on the lookout for new jewelry designers and I’ve found another that I’m definitely adding to my collection: Juliet M! This up and coming brand has gorgeous fine jewelry that’s feminine and absolutely glamorous! Each piece shows off the beauty of natural gemstones and fine 14K gold in a way that’s modern but also timeless so you know you’ll be able to wear it for years to come. As you look through her collection, you’ll be amazed at the pure beauty of it all! Every ring, necklace, and bracelet looks like it was meticulously designed to make a woman feel feminine and adored when she puts it on. The gemstones sparkle and are wonderfully complimented by the lighter gold tones of the settings.

One of my favorite pieces of hers is the “Perfect Hoop Earring” and it’s also one of her more simple designs but it’s one that you can wear everyday and for any occasion. They’re lightweight, thin and are on a hook which I think makes them more comfortable. I could honestly wear these every single day and could be the last pair of hoops that I’d ever have to buy because of the quality. The jewelry line’s main designer is Emily Denyer who started the brand after a long career in social work. She named the line after her daughter Juliet Marie, which I love! But honestly, there’s nothing to not love about Juliet M.! Take a look for yourself at Juliet M and just try to limit yourself to one treasure.