The Brave Collection Changes the Lives of Cambodian Women

A line of jewelry that I can actually feel good about obsessing over and it’s called The Brave Collection. This incredible line was started by Jessica Hendricks Yee from Manhattan. She was traveling in Cambodia and was inspired by the brave women who had survived years of genocide and violence and are still fighting human trafficking. She knew she had to do something to bring awareness to these women and to help them fight, so she combined her love of jewelry with her drive for philanthropy and started The Brave Collection.

Every piece of jewelry is actually made by Cambodian artists! And it’s not your typical outsourcing either, instead, these women are paid above average and even receive health care and help with education for their children. See what I mean about feeling good when you buy this jewelry?

As if the cause behind the jewelry wasn’t enough to get excited about, the pieces are gorgeous! Each one is carved and woven by hand using traditional metalwork techniques and features brass, silver and gold vermeil materials.

The line is definitely more on the casual side so you’ll be able to wear the necklaces and bracelets with your everyday looks. I love the necklaces featuring inspirational tags with Cambodian messages such as “Brave” or “limitless”. But my favorite piece is probably the Compass Necklace. The delicate gold chain and small compass is beautiful and something I could wear all the time!

Check the jewelry out for yourself and buy a piece that inspires you. You’ll be able to wear it and know that you helped change the life of a Cambodian woman and her children! Go to The Brave Collection  and get your favorite piece or two!





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