Acephala Tells a Wild Story

Their latest collection for Fall and Winter 2016-17 is a tribute to contemporary art and it features dresses, coats, and blouses that have a distinct swagger to them. The fabrics are gorgeous in and of themselves coming straight out of Italy and Japan. There’s the mustard virgin wool and fleece from Japan and the beautiful sateen from Italy. Custom embroidery graces the pieces and creates graphic art to be worn by strong and independent women. 

I love the pieces! All I can say is that you need to check out their lookbooks for yourself so you can appreciate the quality and structure the Acephala puts out into the fashion world! 

I’ve found a new designer to tell all of you about by the name of Acephala! This fashion label is one that demands a second look with their bold styling and shapes. The unique pieces are born from a mixture of the two cultures they come out of, French and Japanese. The blend of the two has created some of the most innovative looks ever!

Acephala literally means headless which is a metaphor for the freedom that surrealists crave. So the mascot, if you will, of this fashion designer is a metaphorically headless woman that’s mad and rebellious. She goes against all the rules and breaks the molds of the fashion industry. This manic sense is definitely obvious in their pieces that at first glance are classic and then you notice the funky cut-outs in the high-quality textiles and printed fabrics.