LuLu & Po

Lulu & Po has a flavorful mixture of delicious dishes and the venue is worth boasting about as well. Lulu & Po is a small and beautiful restaurant located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. At your arrival, you can decide whether you would like to sit indoor or outdoor. As you enter the venue, you can’t help but notice its architectural work, the decor and their choice of furniture. I thought their selection of dishes were also intriguing. While looking through their menu, I would have liked to have tried all their dishes...if only I wasn’t intolerant to gluten I would've done so. So, let’s begin....I had the most delicious fresh squeezed lemonade for starters. For my meal, I had sugar snap peas, fries--which had a taste of vinegar, and chicken which was covered with sweet peppers. The chicken also had a hint of paprika which enhanced the sweet taste. For dessert, I had the bittersweet chocolate pot de crème which had a mixture of a slightly bitter, buttery and sweet flavor. The white vanilla crème on top was fluffy, smooth and light which had a very subtle taste. I enjoyed the great service and the atmosphere so much that I ended up staying there the whole night....ok, until closing time. I definitely recommend this place if you have not yet discovered it. It is definitely worth it! Enjoy :-).