All About Beauty With Emma White Turle

Allow me to introduce to you Emma White Turle who is a fantastic and brilliant beauty editor for Schön! Magazine. She is a very well known and respected make-up artist whose career in the beauty industry surpasses over 20 years! Her outstanding talent and work has been featured in countless of magazines throughout the years...Vogue, Harpers, Bazaar, InStyle, Vanity Fair are among those, just to name a few! Based in London, UK, Emma's work is well known internationally and is continually growing a strong fan based worldwide. You can definitely add me to that growing list of fans :).  With such talent, I couldn't help but reach out to her to see if she could share some of her beauty secrets with all of us and I am truly honored that she agreed to! 

When did you begin your career in the beauty industry?

 Emma White Turle: I suppose I first started working in this industry when I was a model when I was 14. I would get the make up artists working on me to explain what they were doing and to show me how. I then started doing my own make up on shoots and then that of other models. It was a gradual progression, seeing me through school, university and stints working at Vogue and Tatler magazines, into it being a full time career.

 When did you first discover you had a love or passion for what you do?

 EWT: I think that as I started at such a young age, I didn’t discover I had a sudden passion, it was just a natural thing for me to do. I adore my job, I love what I do. Every facet of it. The thrill of going to work I still get now, 25 years later.

If you can share, what are some of your makeup secrets for looking your best? And how do you keep your makeup looking fresh all day?

 EWT: The secret to looking your best all day is to remember that “less is more”. A very heavy face of makeup requires maintenance throughout the day, it’s not impossible but you do have to think about what you will be doing all day. There are some incredible products available now that give longevity to eye makeup and lipstick. Smashbox Cosmetics are particularly good for this I feel. For light but professional coverage on your skin I like to use Chanel bases. And Becca Cosmetics do the most wonderful highlighters. My day to day routine is usually just two coats of good black mascara and a red lipstick. You can get away with a lot with just those two things in your bag!

 What are your top five must-have makeup items?


 EWT: My top five makeup items are; Chanel Le Volume mascara, Sisley concealer, Smashbox LA lights blusher “Echo Park Pink”, Becca Cosmetics “Champagne Pop” highlighter and Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Choquant. These items I would rescue in a fire.

Currently it seems like contouring is the big thing. What do you think will be the next makeup trend?

 EWT: Contouring is a basic part of making up a face, it always has been. This trend in it, especially the overly contoured face, is ending and people are moving towards a fresher, more natural look. I see from the shows each season that we have an “anything goes” attitude towards our make up nowadays. Which I personally love. There are so many types of makeup available and we have access to so much more inspiration and advice that everyone can express themselves how ever they like.

What advice or tips can you share with the ladies who find it challenging to obtain a gorgeous finish when doing their own makeup?

EWT: The best advice to give anyone when it comes to getting the best from your makeup is to make sure that you have a decent skin care routine in place. The most beautiful make up will never last or be as perfect as you want on uncleansed skin, think of it as prepping a canvas. I recently did a campaign with Nivea to show the effects of cleansing and how makeup alters when you start with a perfect base. It was quite remarkable, from the feedback and Facebook Q&A we did, how many people didn’t cleanse their face twice a day. Do use a cleanser and moisturizer, at the very least, twice a day. Then try to do an exfoliation, to keep the dead skin cells at bay, twice a week, or as often as you feel your skin needs. Everyone has individual skin needs and so it can take time to find products that suit you, but when you do, it’s worth it.

I'd like to sincerely thank Emma White Turle for this opportunity and for her time! It was an absolute pleasure!


Chanel Le Volume mascara

Sisley concealer

Smashbox LA lights blusher “Echo Park Pink”

 Becca Cosmetics “Champagne Pop” highlighter

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Choquant