Piperwai Deodorant

I have been using this natural deodorant for about 6 months now. I made a conscious effort to be mindful of what I put on my body and I knew I didn’t want to use any antiperspirants that were aluminum-based. I tend to sweat profusely, especially during the summer and when I did use aluminum-based antiperspirants, it did not fight the odor the way I expected or kept me dry.  When I discovered Piperwai,  I took a chance and tried it and I was intrigued. I wasn’t sweating as much and it kept me fairly dry.

This deodorant is like a paste and its active ingredient is charcoal which is good for absorbing the wetness and fight odor. Some other ingredients found in that product are organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E. I can testify that it works and it is by far the best natural deodorant I have ever used. I had my share of natural antiperspirants and none of them worked. This deodorant smells like a combination of different oils which smell so sweet.  Using products that will benefit me in the long run matters to me and it should matter to you.  If you have given up on finding a natural deodorant that works, you should try this one. With all that to say, this natural antiperspirant is definitely my staple. 

Deodorant: Piperwai