The Perfect Place That Takes You On A Little Spa Getaway  

Joanne has this calming energy that she brings that feels therapeutic. What I also love about her is that her focus is on improving your skin and by providing you with the best results. After each of my session, my face always glows. There is this confidence that exude in me which  brings out this alter ego (what a little facial can do to your confidence!) One of my favorite facial treatments is the microdermabrasion due to the fact that it takes away all the layers of dead skins. Somewhere in between the session, she uses this oil to massage my face leaving me wanting for more. Her face massages are unbelievable. Throughout the years I have been with her, my face has improved so much. I have never had an aesthetician spend so much time and energy clearing up my skin pore. I highly recommend entering the realm of Joanne. It has been my oasis!

Crystal Palace

2 Mott Street, Suite 803

New York, NY 10013


To feel confident in my skin required getting a facial as often as possible. Since in my teens, I have been suffering from acne (it was really bad) and nothing was working back then even by drinking loads of water. One day I was recommended to have my facial done at this place called Crystal Palace, located right in Chinatown and within the first day of trying it out, I immediately saw a difference in my skin. I was sold and this place became my permanent facial spa place. How would I describe this place? Crystal Palace is a small beautifully designed space that takes you on a little spa getaway for a few hours. As you enter, you are welcomed with a cup of green tea at the front desk and are given a pair of sandals to put on before entering the room. Once you are done with your tea you are then proceed to this tranquility room. Before starting out, your face gets assess for the right package treatment and if you decide you want to go for it, your facial gets customized based on your skin needs. Then for the next hour or two hours you are under the care of  Joanne Kok. She is  known as the best aesthetician (at least by us facial goers).  From the beginning of her practice, she has built a name for herself and now her name is vastly getting recognized in the Big Apple. The different skincare treatments that she offers are the best skincare oasis.