I remember when I was in my teenage years through my early twenties, I wanted to become a model because that’s what I wanted to be. When I was pursuing that dream, I was told that I wasn't pretty enough. I was also told to stop focusing on things of the past and that window wasn't available to me any longer and being a high fashion model wasn't one of them. Though these words were very hurtful, that didn’t stop me from pursuing what was in my heart. You know, it only takes one person to believe in you . One day, I was signed by a small agency (which no longer exist) that only represented people of color. I was grateful and I modeled for a very short period of time. I wanted to share that part of my story with you because some of you have asked me if I am  a model and the answer is no, well, not anymore. I love expressing myself through fashion, taking pictures, and exhibiting the art expressed in clothing to portraying diverse moods and expressions –this was what inspired me to create ‘The Style D'Affaire.’

For those of you who want to become models, keep pursuing your dreams and don’t ever let people tell you otherwise. Create your own world! Sometimes life may not lead you to the road that you want at that very moment but as long as you keep pursuing your dreams, you will find your way eventually. Always work on yourself and become the best version you can be.


Blouse: The Kooples (similar here) | Jeans: Helmut Lang (similar here)