As you know, fashion is something I love. My blog is my creative outlet. Besides blogging, I also love teaching. I graduated with a Master's Degree of Science in Childhood & Special Education. When I started blogging, I didn't want most people to know I blog especially my colleagues in the fear of being judged or talked about. Now most of them know what I do…LOL. At the time, this part of my life was only shared with my friends, family and with those who didn't know me- that’s all of you reading this. Those of you whom I have decided to be open to, I felt you wouldn't be judgemental or be critics. I felt you would be genuinely supportive.

Sharing my blog with my colleagues was something I felt they wouldn't understand. I felt they would question my position as an educator or start gossiping. We all know people do like to talk, and sadly, not everyone has your best interest at heart. These were the reasons I didn't want to share.

Then one day, I said to myself, “Why am I living in fear of what people would think or say.” I knew I wasn't ashamed of what I was doing. I was doing something that made me happy. Slowly, I began sharing my posts on facebook which is where I follow a lot of my colleagues and they follow me back. It sure wasn't easy at first. I was stepping outside of my comfort zone. When some found out, they were incredibly surprised; Some of which have cheered me on. I heaved a big sigh of relief because I had just let go of self-criticism. Now, I share away!

All that to say, I have lived in fear of being judged by others and it wasn't a good feeling; literally, “you are always in your mind.” Personally, I am all about living ‘your’ dreams. If you have dreams or goals, go for them. Live the life that you want that makes you happiest. Being passionate about something doesn't hinder you from having a passion for something else. You can accomplish as many goals as you want and they don't have to be all related. I believe you can have as many dreams as you wish. My advice to you is, “DO YOU, BE YOU, and GO FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!” I strongly believe in chasing ‘dreams’- which is plural, not singular.


Wearing a H&M jumpsuit