The Tropical Motif


When it comes to the way we dress, we often tend to wear clothes that represent our style and who we are. One can almost say that the way we dress partially tells others of our identity. When we step out and show the world our style, we are projecting an image of ourselves. When I dress up, I personally choose what I like and what I think will look best on me. What's trending is of little importance to me. Instead, I go by what is fashionable to me. One of the styles that I can identify with is one that reminds me of my tropical home of Haiti. Fashion Designer Stella Jean is one whose brand I absolutely love and can easily relate to. She is Haiti-Italian and her Caribbean roots are truly evident in her designs. For today's look, I am wearing this beautiful graphic shirt by Stella Jean and to complement it, I wore a pair of blue stretch-denim by L'Agence as well as a pair of white tennis shoes with color embroideries by Maje. I proudly displayed my outfit in the streets of Soho. While there, I saw a nice colorful background that complimented my outfit so I took the opportunity to capture some pictures there. The green background was loud and I think that it was the perfect wall to capture today's image. This time I thought of doing something different and incorporate a bit of my Caribbean roots.


Top: Stella Jean|Jeans: L'Agence|Sneakers: Maje