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The lookbook is a place where I display my creativity and style. The outfits you see me wearing in the pictures epitomize my personal sense of style which can be best described as modern, bohemian, and classic. From the lookbook, you will find endless possibilities of different styles created with the old, the new, the blue and the borrowed.



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Beauty is unique, we all have our own individuality which makes us all beauty. In this section you will find a variety of beauty products that are some of my favorites. Whether it’s hair related, cosmetics, me, the products listed are worth mentioning and sharing. I am an advocate for using products that are proven to work and so, I will not list just anything.


Designers To Know 

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My love for fashion has caused me to always keep an eye out for new designers. In this section you will discover a variety of designers whose style I love and admire.


A Taste of new york 

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As I can only tolerate Gluten Free and Dairy Free foods, you will discover in this section my GF and DF food adventures at different restaurants and bakeries throughout NYC that carry such.