Pam Left Pam Right-Handmade Sandals

When it comes to shoes, I’ve always believed that good ones are worth the splurge!  If you agree then you must check out these amazing sandals by Pam Left Pam Right. In my opinion, they make one of the most finest sandals! The NYC-based brand was founded by Pamela Ho from Taipei, Taiwan. Pamela grew up in California and has spent nearly every day wearing sandals so one can definitely say that she has developed a love affair with sandals. Upon graduating from design school, she's worked for high fashion labels such as Calvin Klein and Kate Spade and eventually decided that it was time to go out on her own . So in 2015 she launched her first collection of handmade sandals.

These aren’t just any sandals, though! They’re made completely handmade (no machines!). In their NYC leather workshop, Pamela makes sure that every single detail is perfect and luxurious before her footwear leaves the shop. The leather used on her sandals is a vegetable leather which is of the highest grades of leather.

Every sandal is made to order and they are actually made by Pam to cut down on waste and unnecessary bulk orders. Can you imagine having your sandals made specially for you by the designer? To me that is awesome!

When it comes to describing Pamela's style I would say it is classic and simple. My favorite is probably the black gladiator lace up sandal just because it would probably go with most of what I have in my closet.

Well, if you love a good pair of sandals and appreciate the value of a well-made shoe, you should definitely check out Pam Left Pam Right! :)