1. Where are you from? Where are you currently residing?
I am originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am currently living in New York. 

2. What inspired you to create a blog?
I love expressing myself through fashion, taking pictures, therefore creating a platform where I could do that and more was what inspired me to create my blog.

4. Who takes your photos? 
Most of the time I take my own pictures, and if not, it would be a friend or a photographer.

6. Did you take any photography lessons?  
I never did! I just picked up my camera and started shooting. By playing with my camera, I eventually found my groove and discovered my style. I’m still trying to get better and improve every single day. It’s a learning process! 

5 What kind of cameras do you use?

I use Sony Alpha 7R to take my pictures which is amazing and a Canon G7X to film. In addition to my camera, I say lenses are very important. I currently use an FE 1,8/55 lens on my Sony.

6. Who designed your site? 
I use Squarespace and I just select a template that best fits my personality. I have changed my templates so many times over the course of the years. Now I am pretty happy with the one that I have. 

There you have it! 

If you would like to know anything else, please ask! I will do my best to answer whatever questions you may have. xoxo