Kuho Launches in the US with Their Spring 2017 Collection


Korean based womenswear label, Kuho has finally made their debut in the US during New York fashion week with their Spring 2017 collection and I’m so excited to get to know this designer! With an emphasis on flawless luxury, comfort, and functionality, Kuho’s looks offer up effortlessly cool, minimalist pieces that often find their roots in the creative sphere.

What do I mean by creative? Picture things like fine art, ballet, photography and architecture – they have all played roles in past Kuho collections and shaped previous ad campaigns to a striking effect.

Basically, Kuho is the modern, thinking woman’s wardrobe. Clean, uncomplicated lines point to someone with more than clothing on her mind, while playful flourishes reveal an understated style maven, confidently setting her own clothing rules. Largely devoid of embellishment, the label instead uses bold prints, unexpected pops of color and rich fabrics to make a statement. Oh, and those rich fabrics? They’re custom-made by Kuho! Which explains why they’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen!

 While this label may be new to the US, they’ve been around for a long time in Korea and have a huge following with over 66 stores. The pieces were colorful and graphic with stripes, dots, and wide legs. And the fabrics! Staying true to what we’ve come to expect from the Korean line, the textiles were exquisite with striped ribbed knits, optical prints, and striped cotton capes. All at once exciting and minimalist – a rarely accomplished balance which is exactly what they were hoping for.

Head designer of Kuho, Hyunjung Kim said the concept for the show was “circus and balance” and when it came time to design the pieces, the label drew inspiration from tents, clowns, and balloons! Somehow, they accomplished their goal of balance because nothing was too much but it was still playful. And while the whole collection for Spring/Summer only consisted of ten pieces, I have a feeling there’s much more to come from this label and I can’t wait to see it!

Take it from me, you should stay on the lookout for Kuho in the contemporary clothing world. With such a successful debut, I think it’s safe to say that they’re here for the long haul.

All photos provided courtesy of Kuho