Tumbler and Tipsy: A Walking Art Collection-SS17

A collection that I thoroughly enjoyed at New York Fashion Week was by designer Michael Kuluva, the founder of Tumbler and Tipsy. Tumbler and Tipsy Spring/Summer 2017 collection was absolutely fantastic! The show was vibrant, energetic and filled with so much excitement! 

The opening act was a performance by Neon Hitch and she put on an outstanding show, as expected.  The collection was showcased by some “celebrity” models such as Olympic Gold Medalist Dalilah Muhammad, Olympic Silver Medalist Nia Ali, Celebrity Designer/Model Jason Christopher Peters and Asaf Goren from "So You Think You Can Dance" 

The models were all dressed in bold colors, funky embellishments, and playful designs. What I thought was most interesting about his designs is that they were supposed to illustrate his painful Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms! All of his pieces were designed to highlight key arthritic focal points such as the elbow, hip, and shoulder. 

In fact, the whole show was presented by CreakyJoints which is a worldwide online patient community for people suffering from arthritis. Even the name of his collection (Creaky and Tipsy) was an homage to the condition.

Michael Kuluva says that the CreakyJoints community has really inspired him since he became a member of it himself and so that’s why he decided to partner with them for his New York Fashion Week show to bring more awareness to the debilitating disease.

Tumbler and Tipsy are pretty inspiring in and of itself. They’ve become known for redefining the whole world of fashion with their sexy and stylish brand. Each of their collections features bold and distinctive pieces that are instantly recognizable but never repeated lending to a brand that is practically a walking art collection! 

I love everything that Tumbler and Tipsy has put out under the lead of Michael Kuluva and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dynamic label! His show at New York Fashion Week was definitely lively and it was a delight to have seen it!


 Men/Women's Collections: Tumbler & Tipsy

Runway images credit:Vandyke Williams