East Meets West in the Anniesa Hasibuan Fall/Winter 2017 Collection


Can religion and fashion coexist? If you had this question before watching Anniesa Hasibuan Fall/Winter 2017 collection, then the answer is right there. Without going overboard with her creativity which is evidently vibrant, she has managed to protect the dignity of women in general by creating pieces that are free-flowing on the skin but leave a statement.

The hijab is the most dynamic piece of this collection since she uses the same color and texture of fabric throughout. It is, however, the manner in which she has tied it that gives it a fresh outlook. The choice of color and fabric makes this hijab suitable for all and any occasion. While there are many styles of tying the hijab, she picks the simplest but in a way the most elaborate to complement the wearer's dressing.

Anniesa Hasibuan, in this Fall/Winter 2017 collection, uses length, volume and fabric to cover up the feminine form but at the same time, uses glitter and texture to add character to her pieces. 
The collection is simply epic; an elegant way to return women to the middle ages in a way that makes everyone nod in approval. Looking forward to the designer’s next collection!