Katty Xiomara Blends Edge and Elegance-Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Katty Xiomara is a Portuguese designer from Spain who began making a name for herself in the fashion world in the late 1990's. Her latest collection for Fall/Winter 2017 was recently revealed at the New York Fashion Week which I had the pleasure of seeing! Her designs were both bold and elegant featuring rich, draped fabrics, and dreamy hemlines. Every featured piece was unique and timeless. Some of my favorite pieces featured her designs with transparent layers with polka-dots which brought a reminder of some of the iconic styles of the 40’s, as did the models’ curly hair and makeup. The collection featured lots of blues, grays and blacks, creating a moody scene with the occasional blush and nude tones peeping through. All of the pieces were playful and I love her elegant and edgy style!

Women's Collections: Katty Xiomara