Interview with AYNI

Allow me to introduce you to fashion designer Adriana Cachay Anardo. Adriana Cachay Anardo is one of the co-founders of AYNI which is a Peruvian knitwear. She and her business partner Laerke Skyum both partnered up and created this beautiful collection. I had the pleasure of interviewing Adriana Cachay and this is what she had to say.  

Since the brand is a creative duo, tell me about the brand and what inspired you two to become fashion designers?

Adriana Cachay Anardo: Fashion has been a passion for us both in the past.  We became really inspired when we were traveling around Peru. We fell in love with all the natural fibers that we found but also with the communities. We knew that fashion designing was what we wanted to do. We also knew that we wanted to stand out , show a different face of fashion, and change all the superficiality that often accompanies it. We saw that we could help people, by doing our work and by sharing our designs. When we met this community [in Peru], we learned the meaning of the word AYNI which means: “today is for you and tomorrow is for me” in the language of the Incas.  We knew that was our concept. Working with communities and being sustainable, we were interested in only natural fibers and it was the whole concept that we wanted to do. However, when we decided that, we didn’t know all the challenges that would come because it took us many years to find the right communities.  Planning and having a production chain to be able to export and compete in the international market was something that we had experience in so it took many lessons but we finally did it. When something is your passion, you do it. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is. You just do it because you believe in it.  That is the most important thing. Your drive needs to be your passion and the passion is the drive of the love of what you do. We had so many feelings involved, I think not only the love for our work but also the love of the community. Once you start working with this community they rely on you so much , they become your family, your kids. You are forced to do it the right way; that is why we invest in everything, in our time, our capital, our life because it becomes like your baby and that is why it took us here. We were focused on what we wanted.  We have a lot of influencers working with AYNI, because they feel that they can identify with our work and it is something that is very rewarding.

What would you say your inspiration for your design come from?

ACA: The inspiration from our line is basically Nordic, the simplicity of the Nordic style. I think it is reflected in our collection. More and more we try to be inspired. We are inspired by textile and province tradition. You can see it from the color that we choose, the shape, the quality and the fabric. That is why we choose to work with natural fibers and also natural tiles.  

What is one of the biggest lessons you both have learned so far while creating your clothing line?

ACA: I am always surprised about the meaning of AYNI. The thing about helping each other is something that as a Peruvian I thought I understood because it is part of my culture. I get more surprised about working with those communities because they have such a big heart that I get impressed by all these people. The little they have, they share it and then you understand why they use that word and why it is important . We don’t have that in Spanish and they have one word that has all this meaning. I feel that is beautiful and it is something that we learn a lot by helping but also trusting. When you help someone is because you are trusting and that is a big step.

Where can people find your collection? Where can they purchase it?

ACA: They can purchase it online. We are also launching our own workshop where we are going to have some special pieces that you probably won’t find in the store. We are always going to try to promote some sales.





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