Tina Craig x Nouvel Heritage Take Personalized Jewelry to a New Level

 I’m loving Tina Craig x Nouvel Heritage! Camille Parruitte, the designer of Nouvel Heritage has partnered with Tina Craig, Co-Founder/Chief Editor of Snob Global Media to create the Capsule Collection. If you love unique, personalized, convertible jewelry then you’re going to love this line just as much as I do! This luxury line features gorgeous and unique designs that are really unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else. Nouvel Heritage has been around since 2015 and they’re off to a phenomenal start!

Each piece is made from the highest quality materials and handcrafted by the Parruitte Family and their artists in a way to promote French craftsmanship. And what’s really cool about this line is that most pieces are modular and customizable! Many pieces can be engraved with a name and most can be worn in multiple ways so you can wear them every day without ever looking stale. The jewelry is made only with 18K gold and gemstones so when you buy a piece you’re essentially buying an heirloom to pass down through your family for lifetimes.

There’s no possible way to choose a favorite from their collection, there’s just too many! But one of their more unique pieces is The Soc Pin which is a transformable brooch. These pieces can be worn as a brooch, on a choker, or even as an earring! There are many different styles to choose from. They’re absolutely gorgeous! I also really love their personalizable signet rings. They’re not like any other ring that I’ve ever seen!

You should really just go to their website and look around for yourself because there’s no way to even describe the pieces since they’re so unique and intricate! You’re sure to fall in love with Tina Craig x Nouvel Heritage like I did! Check them out at Nouvel Heritage  and start saving up for your heirloom!