The Office of Angela Scott Brings Style and Quality to Your Feet

I am beyond excited to share my latest collaboration with Angela Scott. If you deeply admire authenticity and uniqueness of your shoe then Angela Scott shoe collection is the place to shop. These shoes are made of such high quality and design that you're going to want to order every pair they sell! The style is a mixture of fun, old-world charm, and masculine lines while still being inherently feminine. the line started by Angela Scott in her of her grandfather and her childhood in California. She says she was inspired by the traditional Italian style of her "nono" who was always a gentleman and also by growing up as a tomboy with three older brothers. She dabbled in skateboarding and punk rock music which is shown in her design.

While her style is definitely unique, the way each shoe is made is actually old school. Instead of being mass-produced like many shoes these days, each pair of shoes is made by hand in Portugal and can take over a month from start to finish! She's obsessive about quality and only puts out shoes that she knows will last a lifetime.


Her shoes range from oxfords to heels and come in both women and men's styles. I love her boots which would look great at the office. Or for a more casual look, her sneakers and oxfords come in a ton of fun styles and would be an easy statement to add to your weekend look.

While the price may be a little higher than some of other brands, remember that you're buying a pair of shoes that are handmade and will last a lifetime if you take care of them! Personally, I think you could never invest too much on a pair of good shoes considering its use, the purpose they serve and how important comfort is!

Check The Office of Angela Scott  and shoe your personality with tasteful set of pairs.