SCHAI Collection Blends Korean and American Styles


My love for fashion causes me to often be on the lookout for new designers. While some of them may not be new to the industry, many of them are new to me. SCHAI is one of those that I recently discovered and I am excited to collaborate with by helping her promote her fabulous brand! When I first discovered fashion designer CHAI I was intrigued by her line. I'll hope you will too!  To give you a quick overview of her background, SCHAI is the line of Korean-born Suk Chai who grew up wearing three-times hand-me-downs from her brother and sister. While she would patiently wait for the clothing to make it to her, she began to develop a passion for timeless silhouettes and the value of materials. Eventually, SCHAI was birthed out of that passion and it became her personal debut. 

I personally love SCHAI's originality, quality and design. You can’t help but noticing her beautiful collection! 

What will you choose? Depending what the evening brings, you are sure to find a piece to wear from her collection. In every piece that she designs, her love of beautiful fabrics is surely evident and the quality is second to none!  You can tell the pieces are well-constructed just by looking at them so you can be sure that each piece will last for many years to come.

Go see for yourself! Head over to SCHAI and take a look at all of her collection. You’re definitely certain to find something that speaks to you and would make you look fabulous!