Leanne Marshall Designs with Grace for Today’s Woman- SS17 Collection

Ready to hear about another one of my favorite designers? Leanne Marshall’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection was absolutely remarkable when it debuted  at New York Fashion Week! Her collection was timeless and romantic featuring dresses that were elegantly made in light colors and breezy textiles that flowed down the runway. 

 Leanne Marshall said that this particular collection was inspired by crystals and all the different meanings they have for people. According to the designer, crystals bring a healing energy and can be very uplifting. I definitely would have to agree that the pieces in this collection lifted my spirits!

 The Project Runway alum designs for what she says is "the ethereal woman.... the woman who wants unique but flattering clothes that make a statement." Making a statement is just what the designer did during her show this season at New York Fashion Week. 

Her looks all had a liquid, fluid quality to them and ranged from sheer crop tops to loose-fitting and flowy dresses all paired with the same sandals in classic nude. It was almost like looking at exquisitely dressed women dancing in water, the way the fabrics moved with such grace!

 I think some pieces actually have a mermaid-like look while others are more angelic. No matter what word you use to describe them, they’re breathtaking and not like anything else I’m seeing right now.

 What’s even more impressive than this beautiful collection of pieces is what Leanne Marshall thinks about designing for real women. I love that she thinks designers should be making clothes that can fit more than the ultra-thin runway models! As she said, “I think if you’re making clothing that only looks good on one type of girl, then you’re doing nobody a favor. You have to create clothing that works on so many different skin tones, so many different shapes and it’s very important to showcase that on the runway as well.” 

 I love designers that see the value in featuring real women on the runway as well as making clothes for them! She joins high fashion designers like Christian Siriano who are tired of seeing the same size of woman every year in every show and it makes me love them (and their clothing) all the more for it.  Congratulations Leanne Marshall on a show well done!

Women Fashion Wear: Leanne Marshall