Anniesa Hasibuan Brings Hijab Fashion to Center Stage-SS17 Collection

New York Fashion Week is known for delivering the best of fashion from all over the world, and this year was no exception! One of my absolute favorite designers from the week was Anniesa Hasibuan with her collection of Hijab Chic for the spring and summer of 2017.  I never thought I’d see the day when such beautiful pieces took the spotlight and brought Muslim women out from hiding but Anniesa has done just that.

This fairly new designer is being talked about all over the world including London and Paris and for a good reason as she’s one of the only designers to be invited to bring hijab fashion to a main stage like Paris or New York. In fact, Anniesa is the first Indonesian designer to be featured at New York Fashion Week but we’re hoping that after such a stunning show and great reviews, she won’t be the last.

Her stunning collection was inspired by her desire to break the boundary that’s been holding Muslim fashion back from crossing over into mainstream design and apparel. 


Women Fashion Wear: Anniesa Hasibuan

I think she nailed it with the gorgeous looks featuring earthy tones in peach, green, and warm neutrals that can actually be worn without a hijab, too.

Styles were mostly for evening-wear and ranged from celebratory wear to something you may wear to a fancy dinner or a gala. Some pieces were made from gauze that was almost translucent while still completely covering the models, and others were covered in heavy beading and embroidery.

Each look was accessorized flawlessly with belts, sunglasses, and jewelry that looked as though they were made for each piece with the way they perfectly complimented the outfits. The models looked confident, stylish, and feminine all while being modest. I couldn’t help but think this may be a new day for hijab fashion!

I personally can’t wait to see what she has up her perfectly designed sleeve.


Runway images credit:Vandyke Williams


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