Vivienne Tam's Dazzling Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Fashion is all about glamour, and nothing says glamour more than a blend of fashion and flashy lights. That was the theme of fashion icon Vivienne Tam this year for her Fall/Winter 2017 collection, and it was dazzling, so to say.

The runway was toned by a wide array of flashy colors ranging from dark and bright hues of blue to serene greens. The outfits were just as colorful and elaborate, and they really captured the urban lifestyle of a city she knows all too well.

Different tastes of fashion were perfected at Vivienne Tam’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection representing Hong Kong’s residents’ diversity in the sense of style, from the urban to the official. The diversity in style and design was matched only by the diversity of the materials that Vivienne Tam used for her outfits. She did a wonderful job of blending materials such as silk, velvet, lace, vegan leather, and sequins together.     

Vivienne Tam undoubtedly impressed in her Fall/Winter collection this year; the event was practically electrified. She took a more modern and flashy theme this year, essentially capturing the flashy and fast-paced setting of Hong Kong.