Zang Toi Releases Bold Beautiful Colors For The Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

A collection that I thoroughly enjoyed at New York Fashion Week was by designer Zang Toi. Zang Toi is a designer from Kelantan, Malaysia and he’s been turning heads in the fashion industry for over 20 years! Every pieces of his collection was stunningly beautiful. His Fall/Winter collection started with looks that featured menswear inspired pieces with crisp lines and bold pops of royal blue set against stark black. Then as the show continued office wear gave way to cocktail looks and then on into dramatic ball gowns. Every model were so elegantly dressed. I felt completely in love with the whole collection. I have always loved Zang Toi's work and to have to see it live was surreal. Truly he is a fashion legend. I don’t know how he does come up with constant and fresh new designs, but he truly captures the essence of every woman in the pieces that he designs. It’s easy to see how it’s stayed around the fashion world for so long. I can't wait to see what he'll have in store for next season for I know it would be as beautiful as this one. I am glad to have seen his collection.


Image credit: Getty Images