The Vibrant Elegance of Georgine's Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Fashion Designer Georgine Ratelband showcased her 2017 Fall/Winter Collection during this year's recent New York Fashion Week and it was elegantly stylish. Georgine made it a point to bring out the power of women through her designs by ensuring that the seductive silhouettes used in her designer clothes were enhanced with exceptional fabrics and intricate details. Her Fall/Winter 2017 collection was inspired by the common hotel dwellers. They are the elegant women who often refer to interesting properties as their own homes. This led to her creating great designs for her short dresses that perfectly suit the fall season. Some of the key items that I found in her collection included fur jackets, a few metallic dresses (both mini and maxi), and trench coats. Her designs also came with elegant prints and laces. Lace and velvet details were a hit in this collection; they perfectly switch the mood from being elegant to sexy. Any woman wearing designs from her Fall/Winter collection will definitely be able to show their confidence and vibrant elegance at any event.


Womenswear: GEORGINE