Son Jung Wan's Stunning Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

I had the chance to attend Son Jung Wan's fashion show this season for NYFW and the collection was absolutely beautiful. This runway presentation was edgy, bold and classy. The show was inspired largely by ‘80s Extreme’ and featured extremes in as far as texture, volume and color were concerned.

The emphasis with this collection was mainly the use of dramatic colors and exposed seams that helped to uniquely create a 3D effect as well as well-built structural silhouettes. Every piece that walked down the runway was one of a kind embodying a level of sophistication, romance, and seductiveness. The collection was cohesive throughout and the use of vivid colors and unique patterns allowed each of the designs to stand out in their own right.

The opening look at the fashion show featured a beautifully colored yellow jumpsuit characterized by a fox fur hood scarf.  Some of the favorites were the white silk tunic with fox fur trimming and the white silk top with the white silk asymmetrical skirt. A mix of faux and real fur embellished a lot of the designs in double-dipped colors. Checkered patterns, as well as sequins also embellished many of the male and female pieces. Everything was done with the best craftsmanship to produce elegant designs.

The best part about the whole collection is that most of the pieces can be worn as separates, which is always ideal as it enables fans of her work to mix it and change it up whenever they need to. This maximalist Son Jung Wan Fall/Winter 2018 clothing collection was simply stunning in every way.

Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 15_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 37_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 34_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 29_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 27_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 3_preview.jpeg

All photos provided courtesy of Son Jung Wan